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You should read our announcements to learn what it's all about. Probably you do already know, or why do you visit us? :-)


Our third alpha release is meanwhile on Hobbes!
There was no special announcement, while we have put a short note about the first alpha release to Usenet.
Future updates to this public release will be available in the /pub/os2/dev/emx/contrib/ directory on Hobbes. We don't upload directly to LEO, but appreciate if someone does so!

Our initial Public announcement is also still available.

Links, Docs, ...

We offer a list of links to Standards and docs which might be useful.

Two other documents may be of interest for those who want to write portable code or get un*x code ported to OS/2 EMX:

Note that both documents were born before this project came to life. So they may still contain information which is outdated if you already use libExt.


Currently the development is quite fast and so we prefer if interested people would get the distribution directly from CVS instead of accessing rather old archives via FTP.



If you want to contact us, please subscribe to our mailinglist. If you just want to drop a note or ask a single question go to our SF-project page and select an individual developer's mail address .
Last updated on 20010612